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Online Computer Repair


Our online computer repair system offers you schedule flexibility, saves time and is available from your home or work. You can be present and observe while the technician solves the problems and optimizes the system for maximum performance.


Our technicians are available from Monday to Saturday: 9:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Your safety is one of our priorities

Advantages of remote computer repair

When ordering, you request a single service for maintenance, we'll optimize your PC and solve your system's problems.

When you request your service, during the second step you'll fill out a form and receive instructions.


We guarantee the security of the service and payment methods. The remote connection tool only allows access when you provide a unique password that changes automatically with each session. Although it's safe, always at the end of the service, the tool is removed by our technicians.


We use Paypal, one of the safest means of payment. You can pay directly with debit or credit cards, or with your Paypal account if you're registered.